Short Run Books

For more than a quarter-century, Write Stuff has earned a reputation for its world-class quality of book research and development, printing, and binding. We produce extraordinarily high-quality, award-winning company history books in quantities ranging from a few hundred books to more than 100,000 copies in our print runs. For our subjects requiring a short run of books below 10,000 copies, we are happy to provide a quote for a turnkey production.

Regardless of the quantity of books required, our time-proven process of research, interview gathering, transcript harvesting, outline and draft development, review, design, pre-press, and printing and binding all reach the highest standards in the world of book publishing.

When we produce short runs of books between a few hundred and 4,000 company history books, we utilize a digital press. The quality of the finished product is virtually indistinguishable from our standard high-speed offset printing, but it is much more labor-intensive to produce. Consequently, the cost per book is extremely quantity sensitive. When a certain threshold of short run quantity is reached, it is sometimes more economical to have additional company history books produced by our offset method. Each book may reach this threshold at a different quantity – depending on the design, page-count format, style of paper, jacket, cover relief, or metallic layering.

When we say “turnkey,” we really mean it. Just let us know what your unique company history book requirements are, and we will custom design a turnkey package to meet your goals and your budget.

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SF 240x300 Short Run Books